Tech Companies Dragged Feet on Russian Interference Data, Reports Say

In reports to the Senate on Russian interference, Google, Twitter and Facebook were criticized for their disinclination to reveal details.
The Shift: Social Media’s Forever War

New Senate reports show that the Russian influence campaign for the 2016 election ushered in a new era of extended conflict.
Tech Workers Got Paid in Company Stock. They Used It to Agitate for Change.

Workers at tech companies like Amazon are starting to use the stock grants that they were paid to turn the tables on their employers.
Past Tense: Apple Computers Used to Be Built in the U.S. It Was a Mess.

Steve Jobs tried to create a manufacturing culture in Silicon Valley. As one former Apple engineer put it, "It wasn't great for business."
Walt Mossberg, Veteran Technology Journalist, Quits Facebook

Mr. Mossberg has spent decades chronicling the privacy implications of Facebook’s policies. On Monday, he opted out.

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